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Someone had to do it..



Just too bad it wasn’t someone with better Photoshop skills


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Yay Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, Lou Reed, Antony, Sean Lennon & Le Poisson Rouge. Last night was AMAZING. Hope u raised a shitton of $$ for Japan

Last night’s concert made me proud to be a New Yorker. Organized in basically no time, and benefiting a great cause, I saw a still-fiery Patti Smith and a beyond-grizzled Lou Reed trade licks and verses with scream queen Yoko Ono, who at 78 had more energy than most people I know. The highlight was her duet with Antony, which was so heartfelt they couldn’t stop singing it, even after the song was over. Phenomenal.

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Gimme Pizza…most disturbing video EVER?



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Celebs Who Got Stared Down By Maria Abramovic


Sharon Stone

Lou Reed

Isabella Rossellini

Rufus Wainright

Kim Cattrall

James Franco

Marisa Tomei

Matthew Barney

BONUS: Three Kids Who Also Took Part


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My Book

is nearly done. Been working on it since summer 08, originally in an artist colony in France, then periodically in New York, and, after a number of rewrites, edits, etc., it’s now officially in beta. Huzzah.

Not gonna talk much about it, aside to say that it’s YA (young adult), but not in the vein of Harry Potter, more Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Pullman, along with Twilight, although it’s way less retarded, flowery and “vampirey.” No blood suckers in this one, and no magic spells or orcs or magical closets or anything of the sort. If anything, it’s more science fiction than fantasy, although it has elements of both.

Sometimes it’s easier for me to think in terms of movies than books, so I want to say it’s like Juno (although the narrator is WAY less annoying and verbose) meets Edward Scissorhands. It’s modern yet Gothic, funny yet dark, a love story but also an action-adventure. Basically, it’s got it all.

Will reveal more when the time is right. For now, just know that’s it’s almost finished, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


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