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Someone had to do it..



Just too bad it wasn’t someone with better Photoshop skills


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Jersey Shore!

Yeah, I know, I know…everyone’s talking about it, everyone loves it, everyone’s discussing The Situation’s dbag-ness and Snookie’s face-punch and Pauly’s gravity-defying hair, etc. et al, but I can’t help adding my own comments to the fray, especially because I actually know these people. See, I’m FROM there. Not Seaside Heights, but Jersey.

And sure, ok, I”m from Basking Ridge. Our girls had straight blonde hair, theirs had giant black poofs and orange skin. But still, I saw ‘those people’ all the time, in the mall, down the shore, driving around at night. The guidos. They frightened me and fascinated me equally. But see, I had forgotten. I had thought they disappeared. Part of me even wondered if I had invented them, because they were so…strange. So odd and weird and yet compelling. I mean, how could they be real? They were a myth, right?


Not only were they real, they are alive and well, and miraculously unchanged, looking and acting exactly the same, getting in fights, drinking shots, pumping their fists, tanning themselves to death. And now everyone can enjoy them. So thank you MTV. Thank you Ronnie and Vinnie and Snickers. Thanks Jersey Shore. I love you.

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Kanye West is “Douche of the Week”


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