Leonard Cohen, Radio City Music Hall, 5/17


The little old guy’s still got it.  He danced, crooned, swayed, charmed and ran around the stage like someone half his age.   All the musicians and singers were awesome, especially the Webb sisters, who at one point did cartwheels.  He played my two favorite songs, Dance Me to the End of Love and First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin, along with practically every other solid hit the guys’ got – Chelsea Hotel, I’m Your Man, So Long Marianne, Bird on a Wire, Suzanne, etc.  And when he did Hallelujah, it was spiritual man.  I cried.  And it wasn’t the first time of the night.

The only two clunkers, if you could even call them that – they were performed perfectly; I just don’t think they’re great songs – were Democracy and Closing Time.  But every other selection was spot on.  The whole thing lasted three hours, with a brief break, and it was less a show than an EVENT, an EXPERIENCE.  Like, this guy GETS IT, and is operating on a different frequency than the rest of us.  And tonight, he shared it with the audience, none of whom, I’m sure, walked away disappointed.  Truly phenomenal.


Here’s the set list:

Dance Me to the End of Love

The Future

Ain’t No Cure For Love

Bird on a Wire

Everybody Knows

My Secret Life

Who by Fire?

The Chelsea Hotel

Waiting for the Miracle

Ring the Bell


Tower of Song


The Sisters of Mercy

Take This Waltz

Back on Boogie Street (?)


I’m Your Man

A Thousand Kisses Deep (spoken word)


So Long, Marianne

First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin

Famous Blue Raincoat

If It Be Your Will

Closing Time

I Tried to Leave You

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2 responses to “Leonard Cohen, Radio City Music Hall, 5/17

  1. tommy lei

    This guy is amazing!

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