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Someone had to do it..



Just too bad it wasn’t someone with better Photoshop skills


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Short, right?

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WTF Democrats?

Why the long faces? (Sorry John Kerry, know you can’t help it).

We just lost ONE election. It happens. We still have a HUGE majority. In fact, we have more of a majority than George Bush ever had. And what did he do while in office? Whatever the heck he wanted! So come on! Stop being such pansies already!

We still have the momentum, the lead, the majority, the ideas, the support. We can still pass health care, still close Gitmo, still pass environmental legislation and protection, and – hello!- maybe allow gays to marry one another like any decent society should.

So we lost one election. Sure, symbolically it was a big one, Ted Kennedy’s empty senate seat and all. But if it really was so important, maybe we should have chosen a better candidate, and not someone who openly admitted she hated campaigning. Not someone in BOSTON who described Red Sox legend Curt Schilling as “another Yankee fan.” You know?

Anyhow, we messed that one up. But it’s over now, and let’s not beat ourselves up about it. Let’s not spend ONE SECOND MORE listening to what the douchebags at FOX have to say about it. It’s time to put this in PERSPECTIVE. It’s time to get to WORK. It’s time to NUT UP OR SHUT UP (Thanks Zombieland!).

Got it? Good! Now get out there and kick some GOP ass.


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Funny Facebook Fails

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Facebook and pancakes saves dude from 25-year jail term


Cops detained Rodney Bradford from New York for 13 days after he was accused of breaking into a Brooklyn residence with a gun, while he was eight miles away at his father’s place in Manhattan.

Bradford won his freedom, thanks to his Facebook status update, which showed what he was doing at the time the crime was committed.

The Telegraph reports that Bradford’s comment where he is teasing his girlfriend for not having joined him to eat pancakes was accompanied by a time-stamp and “was probably instrumental in the district attorney’s decision to drop the charges,” his lawyer Robert Reuland said.

Jonah Bruno, a spokesman for the Kings County district attorney’s office, confirmed that the case had been dismissed.

Bradford could have been sentenced to 25 years in jail if he had been convicted in the case.

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Letterman You Dog!


Who knew?

From the wires:

Late-night host David Letterman acknowledged on Thursday’s show that he had sexual relationships with female employees and that someone tried to extort $2 million from him over the affairs. CBS says an employee has been charged with attempted grand larceny in the case.

Letterman told his story during a taping of his show, mixing in jokes to an audience that seemed confused about what it was. He called it a “bizarre experience” that left him feeling disturbed and menaced.

The late-night comic began his show by walking onstage and briefly leaning on a pillar with his back to the audience. Then he gave a monologue with jokes against frequent foils like Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin. He told his personal story after sitting behind his desk.

He said he was glad the audience was in a pleasant mood “because I have a little story that I’d like to tell you and the home viewers as well.”

Three weeks ago, Letterman said he got in his car early in the morning and found a package with a letter saying “I know that you do some terrible, terrible things and that I can prove you do some terrible things.” He acknowledged the letter contained proof.

Letterman said he called his lawyer to set up a meeting with the man, who threatened to write a screenplay and a book about Letterman unless he was given money. There were two subsequent meetings with the man, the last one resulting in the check being delivered.

He told the audience that he had to testify before a grand jury on Thursday.

“I was worried for myself, I was worried for my family,” he said. “I felt menaced by this, and I had to tell them all of the creepy things that I had done.”

“The creepy stuff was that I have had sex with women who work for me on this show,” he said. “My response to that is yes, I have. Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Yes, it would, especially for the women.”

Whether they wanted to make the relationships public was up to them, he said.

“It’s been a very bizarre experience,” he said. “I felt like I needed to protect these people. I need to protect my family. I need to protect myself. Hope to protect my job.”

Letterman mixed in jokes while telling the story, keeping his audience off guard.

“I know what you’re saying,” he said. “I’ll be darned, Dave had sex.”

david letterman

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Kanye West is “Douche of the Week”


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