Duane Jackson: The Black Jeremy Lin?


Even if you’re not a sports fan, no doubt you’ve heard about Jeremy Lin, probably from your Asian friends on Facebook. Finally, an Asian who can play basketball! (Sorry Yao Ming). However, you probably haven’t heard about Duane Jackson. At least, not yet anyway.

Duane Jackson is an African-American college student from Lawrence, KS. What Duane has managed to do is both incredible and unprecedented: Duane has managed to keep a straight A average since elementary school, and is at the top of his class in both Science AND Math. In fact, he has the highest GPA at his entire school, a school that includes many Caucasians and Asians.

Yes, you heard me a right. A non-Asian student is as the top of his class, and is beating out Asians in both Math and Science!

While the mainstream media will no doubt be talking about Duane Jackson soon, you will probably mainly be reading about him from your African-American friends on Facebook. Watch out for various stories, photos and memes, with Duane doing everything from beating out Asian students in debates, to beating Asians in the science fair, to solving complex mathematical problems on the blackboard that no Asian student is able to do. 

Oh wait, you don’t have any African-American Facebook friends. Nevermind.



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