WTF Democrats?

Why the long faces? (Sorry John Kerry, know you can’t help it).

We just lost ONE election. It happens. We still have a HUGE majority. In fact, we have more of a majority than George Bush ever had. And what did he do while in office? Whatever the heck he wanted! So come on! Stop being such pansies already!

We still have the momentum, the lead, the majority, the ideas, the support. We can still pass health care, still close Gitmo, still pass environmental legislation and protection, and – hello!- maybe allow gays to marry one another like any decent society should.

So we lost one election. Sure, symbolically it was a big one, Ted Kennedy’s empty senate seat and all. But if it really was so important, maybe we should have chosen a better candidate, and not someone who openly admitted she hated campaigning. Not someone in BOSTON who described Red Sox legend Curt Schilling as “another Yankee fan.” You know?

Anyhow, we messed that one up. But it’s over now, and let’s not beat ourselves up about it. Let’s not spend ONE SECOND MORE listening to what the douchebags at FOX have to say about it. It’s time to put this in PERSPECTIVE. It’s time to get to WORK. It’s time to NUT UP OR SHUT UP (Thanks Zombieland!).

Got it? Good! Now get out there and kick some GOP ass.


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2 responses to “WTF Democrats?

  1. Actually, they’ve now lost three in a row, and momentum has shifted away from them. This isn’t a partisan attack, I just think you have to look at things realistically. The latest Rasmussen poll has 61% opposing healthcare reform.

  2. russjosephs

    Would you have said four in a row if they’d lost the congressional seat in upstate New York? I can’t speak about Virgina, but Jon Corzine was a terrible governor and widely despised, so his loss was not a tremendous surprise. Nor do I think it has any resonance outside of New Jersey.

    Additionally, and most importantly, it’s always easier to throw stones than to actually govern. The ruling party is always criticized more, especially if you’re a Democrat, for the GOP LOVES to attack. My point was to remind Democrats that we still have a much stronger majority than Bush ever did. It has less to do with numbers actually, and more to do with character, or at least, personality. Republicans know how to get things done (or not get things done, depending on how they feel about the issue), via intense partisanship, always voting along party lines, bullying the opposition into submission, etc. Democrats choose instead to work with the other side, to worry more about getting people to back them, rather than steamrolling over them. It doesn’t also work, and it makes us look soft. While I can’t support GOP methods, I wish my side was more aggressive and assured sometimes.

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