Representative Joe “Douchebag” Wilson Calls Obama a Liar During Speech


Those of you watching the President’s address on health care heard the word “lie!” shouted clearly from the Republican section of the joint session of Congress when Obama said that the reforms he is proposing wouldn’t apply to illegal immigrants.

The disrespectful heckler was Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC). His Twitter is @CongJoeWilson.

Here’s his contact info, in case you want to tell him what a swell guy he is:

Midlands’ Office • 1700 Sunset Blcd (US 378), Suite 1 • West Columbia, SC 29169 • Phone: (803) 939-0041 • Fax: (803) 939-0078

Lowcountry Office • 903 Port Republic Street • Beaufort, SC 29902 • Phone: (843) 521-2530 • Fax: (843) 521-2535
Washington Office • 212 Cannon House Office Building • Washington, DC 20515 • Phone: (202) 225-2452 • Fax: (202) 225-2455



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4 responses to “Representative Joe “Douchebag” Wilson Calls Obama a Liar During Speech

  1. Michael

    Thank you for the contact information. I will contact Representative Wilson and commend him for speaking truth to power.

  2. russjosephs

    Right, just like I’m sure you would have commended a democrat for yelling ‘liar’ at nearly everything Bush said when he was president for 8 years. If the roles were reversed, you, Fox news, Limbagugh, etc., would have wanted the guy’s head. But because he’s one of your own, he’s a hero.

    The level of hypocrisy, not to mention disrespect, hostility and blatant insanity that marks your party baffles the mind. Thank God you are not in power any longer.

  3. K Marsman

    Great minds think alike. I just created a Congressman Joe Wilson is a Douche Bag facebook group. Come one, come all. I am sure it wont last.

  4. russjosephs

    Nice, sign me up.

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