More (Not) To Love


Have you seen this show, More To Love?  A dating/reality show for REAL (read: fat) people?  They found a schlubby, tubby, moderately successful guy, and a bunch of plus-sized women to go gaga over him, and then filmed it.  I thought it would be interesting actually (or, at least, make for good TV), but it’s neither.  Here are my three major complaints.

The Women

Most of the time they are crying.  And when they’re not crying they’re eating.  Seriously, the producers are dicks, and just put food everywhere I guess.  But the main issue is the crying.  “Nobody ever asks me out because of my size!”  “All my boyfriends treated me like shit because of my size!”  “I was afraid to put on a bathing suit because of my size!”  We get it.  Enough.  I just don’t understand; if it’s THAT much of an issue, could you go to a gym or eat less?  People do amazing, courageous things everyday, like quitting smoking, or becoming a vegetarian, or quitting booze.  Why are you so special?

And, okay, if its a glandular thing, or you eat because you are depressed or whatnot, can you try dating fat guys?  I mean, who are the guys you went out with?  There are TONS of fat guys who would freakin’ love to date you.  So you don’t get to go home with the moderately obese guy on the TV show.  Big whoop.  Go to Pittsburgh or Detroit or another of America’s fattest cities and you’ll find plenty of men who would run to be with you (if they could run).

The Dude

Every girl on the show is smitten with him.  Why?  Because he keeps telling them how beautiful they all are, and how he’s not going to judge them on their size, that they can – finally! – feel safe in who they are.  Problem with this is that, of the three girls remaining, they’re the prettiest and thinnest.  All the super-sized girls are gone; all the fugly girls are gone.  The ones left are actually quite attractive, and would be considered hot by normal standards if they lost a little weight.  But even with it, they’re still prettier than most women.

So this guy, who’s supposed to be this great lover of large women, a true saint who sees only the INSIDE, has acted just like every other guy these girls have complained about.  I would feel sorry for the contestants, but I just don’t.

The Viewer

This would be me, and for this I have no excuse.  Why do I keep watching this shit?


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