Gene Simmons to Adam Lambert: Shut Your Kisser


Not that anyone should give a shit about this guy, who looks worse without the makeup, started a magazine that failed immediately (Tongue) and was last seen on the ‘Celebrity’ Apprentice.  But here’s what he had to say about Adam Lambert:

“Well you know he’s a very talented kid. He should have won American Idol as far as I am concerned. I will tell you that he deserves to be in a rock band that serves his particular style. He really doesn’t have a rock-n-roll voice. He’s more like Queen. He’d be great on Broadway. He’s a great belter and all that stuff. But unfortunately, he’s let the other story take center stage.

“That’s going to be a career killer. I think it’s going to be over before it’s begun and it’s unfortunate because the kid’s got the pipes. There’s no questions. He should really shut up. No one cares what you do behind closed doors anyway. And if you’re putting that front and center, you’re forcing us to deal with it and it’s going to be a turnoff for the masses.”

Perhaps mean Gene is just jealous?  After all, this was his response when asked how it was it to perform with Adam on the American Idol finale: “How was it for him to perform with us, you mean? You just have to realize who the governor is and who the little puppy is.”

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One response to “Gene Simmons to Adam Lambert: Shut Your Kisser

  1. wow!
    I wasn’t aware that Gene Simmons was that rude about performing with Adam.
    Besides, Adam’s not making a big deal about all of this. It’s a one time thing—he’s coming out and talking about it because he chose to NOT let it be an issue while on Idol.
    It’ll be done and over with soon and people will be back to only talking about Adam’s singing and great personality.
    Gene needs to shut his trap.
    He’s not exactly a big deal anymore, anyway…

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