The Hangover? Stupid or Awesome?

I personally loved it, and I am not a fan of “stupid” movies – i.e. anything with Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell.  But some people disagree.  Here’s a debate happening on Facebook right now.  What do you think?

Chloé Jo Berman Got “peer pressured” into seeing “The Hangover” last night. Sat in disbelief as entire theater rolled with laughter. Dumbest. Movie. Ever.

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Toby Pendergrass at 8:36am June 13
Really? I have heard so many great reviews.
Mike Schreiber
Mike Schreiber at 8:48am June 13
i liked it…
but i’m pretty dumb.
Jeanie Glaser
Jeanie Glaser at 8:49am June 13
i almost got dragged to that stupid movie too. so glad we ended up seeing the ridiculously dumb/funny “drag me to hell” instead. there really aren’t many good movies out right now.
Jennifer Foy
Jennifer Foy at 9:08am June 13
That is some really crappy peer pressure.
Tamara Nico
Tamara Nico at 9:09am June 13
it was hilarious! cleverly executed to boot… but what do i know…
Vicki Stevens
Vicki Stevens at 9:49am June 13
You know, I always wonder how these stupid movies get greenlighted. “The entire theater rolled with laugher” explains it, I guess. I just don’t get it.
Tamara Nico
Tamara Nico at 9:54am June 13
Honestly, this movie was far from stupid. It was not only really funny, but also was unique and smart in the telling… probably not a film for the easily offended, but not all of us are.
It got greenlit because it was a no brainer…
smart script, terrific cast, non stop hilarity and a crowd pleaser to boot. I was skeptical, because generally Read Moremovies which get “great reviews” tend to be garbage-
Like “I love you man”, which left me wanting my TIME back.
I like to think I’m a smart cookie and I laughed so hard watching The Hangover, that I actually lost a shoe.
Tamara Nico
Tamara Nico at 9:56am June 13
Again, though… it might not be a great choice for those who can’t stomach a bit o’ the old potty humour.
That said, those people should probably know it ain’t for them just from the title.
Viva Max Kaley
Viva Max Kaley at 9:59am June 13
I really enjoyed it too.
Chloé Jo Berman
Chloé Jo Berman at 10:02am June 13
I don’t mind “dumb” humor – aka Wedding Crashers, Borat, etc… but this (to me) was just unfunny. I found the writing really bad. But glad you guys enjoyed it, so did 2 of the 4 people I went with. Unfortunately I’ll never be able to recover those 2 hours of my life. 😉
Martina Bernstein
Martina Bernstein at 10:05am June 13
Chloe, that’s the downside when you get used to the finer things in life. The trite seems, well, trite. Thanks for raising the bar, and for all you do for the animals.
Tamara Nico
Tamara Nico at 10:08am June 13
Sorry, no offense lol, but I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘triteness’ or finery lol. It simply comes down to a matter of differing tastes and opinions. (To which all are entitled, no?)
I’m a highly educated and literate lass,
who happens to be pretty accustomed to a life full of ‘fine things’ haha.
…I also happen to be a writer.
Some people like Gilda, some people like Gene.
Martina Bernstein
Martina Bernstein at 10:14am June 13
Fair point, Tamara. I did not mean to offend or imply a lack of erudition in those who enjoy the movie. Just that tastes, in some part, are shaped and altered by what we are exposed to. My apologies. Point well taken.
Tamara Nico
Tamara Nico at 10:15am June 13
No nono!! Please don’t apologize! No need! I’m always just a chatty Kathy lol… debate debate debate!
(I miss the team) 😉
Jaime Zins Gazes
Jaime Zins Gazes at 11:39am June 13
I actually thought it was pretty funny myself. If you go in knowing that it is going to be along the lines of Road Trip or any of those other cleverly written, yet based on “dumb” humor, then its rather enjoyable (at least in my opinion)…
Claire Langtry
Claire Langtry at 12:19pm June 13
i agree! horrrrible. the funniest minute was dring the credits. they shouldve just made a movie about the actual bachelor party and it may have been tolerable. i thought it would be funny along the lines of I Love You Man… not even close. sigh.
Russ Josephs
Russ Josephs at 12:52pm June 13
What? I am a total snob and I hate ‘stupid’ movies – i.e. anything with Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell – but this movie was awesome.

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One response to “The Hangover? Stupid or Awesome?

  1. A Person

    Meh, I just watched both one and two. I didn’t find either very funny. It’s typical stupid and selfish male behavior: aka “Stupid men doing stupid things” Running around, cheating, and fucking up what could be a simple party and of course lying about it etc. 😐 I Like stupid humor: Step brothers, etc. This movie however wasn’t very funny. The plot stayed pretty stationary the entire time and I hated all of the characters with the exception of Doug and maybe that was because he was the only one who seemed to have any sense. 😐

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