Missing Air France Flight 447 Mystery Deepens


Items pulled from the sea are not debris from the downed plane.

From Yahoo! News:

Brazilian officials have insisted for three days that military pilots have spotted wreckage from Flight 447 scattered across the ocean’s surface. An air force general expressed confidence that at least some of the objects — an airplane seat, a slick of kerosene and other pieces — are from the plane that vanished Sunday with 228 people on board.

“This is the material that we’ve seen that really was part of the plane,” he said.

But ships guided by planes in the search area have been hampered by extremely poor visibility, and have recovered no wreckage. The only piece retrieved so far, a cargo pallet, turned out to be sea garbage.

French officials stopped short of criticizing their Brazilian counterparts, but France’s Transportation Minister said his own country’s searchers have found no signs of the Airbus A330.

“French authorities have been saying for several days that we have to be extremely prudent,” he said. “Our planes and naval ships have seen nothing.”

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