How he lost, from This Recording:

Kris Allen has “fuckability as judged by 13 year olds.”  Kris is cute and all, but he is a total mayonegg.  Right now they might want non-threatening hamsters like Kris, but when they’re older, they’ll be ready for a big gay stallion like Adam Lambert.

Plus, who do you think all of Danny Gokey’s fans voted for?

Come to think of it, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  When asked, people consistently say they prefer vanilla over chocolate.  And what’s more vanilla than Kris Allen?


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3 responses to “Robbed!!!

  1. KA

    Allen sux. USA is full of homophobes. Almost wrote homophones. Them too.

  2. Cara’s body is almost as sick as mine LOL jk but How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

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