Makeover Shows are Fake!

Did you know that?  No?  Me neither!  I only found out because someone I knew was just on one, and it was all totally bogus!

Last night I was watching some random-ass, ghetto cable channel, The Style Network.  It’s like channel 800 or something.  And they had this makeover show called Closet Cases, which is for people who have no style or, at least, have really messy closets.

So it’s this guy named Dave, and he supposedly contacted the show because of his girlfriend Cynthia, who had just moved to New York from Kentucky.  He was worried  that she wouldn’t fit into the big, bad apple, and needed a style infusion, stat!

Here are the before and after pictures of her:





The problem is, I used to work with this girl, like 2 YEARS AGO.  IN NEW YORK CITY.  And, beyond that, she was by far the most stylish person in the office.  While all the other girls walked around in jeans or dresses that looked like Daffy’s rejects, she always looked perfect.  In fact, she looked a lot like the “after” pic already.

So it was quite a shock then, to see her on this show, where she was a) supposed to have JUST come from Kentucky, and b) to have a crappy style that needed an update, when, in fact, neither could be farther from the truth.  It’s all totally fake.

And if makeover shows aren’t real, then who knows what else is?   Maybe all of reality television?  Maybe everything on TV?  I mean, is there really such a thing as the swine flu?  Was there actually an earthquake in California?  Do we truly have a black president?  My entire world is spinning out of control.  Damn you Closet Cases!!!


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2 responses to “Makeover Shows are Fake!

  1. Then, shit, could wrestling be fake too?

  2. russjosephs

    SHUT UP.

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