What’s So Great About Kate? (and other thoughts on Lost)


Wow, okay, so Jacob’s dead (R.I.P. Jacob), and I guess he’s GOOD, while the other guy is BAD.  So it’s like a good vs. evil, God vs. Satan thing, or is it more yin-yang?  Cause the ship comes (the Black Rock, which Richard is on), and Jacob muses about wanting progress (i.e. humans are okay), while the other guy wants them not to come because they’ll ruin everything (humans are not okay).  And, in some ways, this dude is right.

But still he wants to kill Jacob, and he ends up finding his loophole.  Here’s that part of their conversation:

“Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?” the man said. “Sooner or later, I’m gonna find a loophole.” “When you do,” said Jacob, “I’ll be right here.”

What I don’t understand is, if Jacob is ageless, and can go all over the world and possibly transcend time, how can he so easily die?  And what, he can’t defend himself?

But back to good and evil.  So the woman who seduced Sayid is actually good (maybe she HAD to capture him to get back on the island?), and so is the other guy, the one who pulled Miles into the van and asked, What lies in the shadow of the statue?  (translation: He who will save us all).  But they’re too late, cause Jacob’s already dead.  But what happens next?  Won’t Ben and evil Locke simply be captured or killed?  That is, if next IS next, cause there’s that whole OTHER subplot with the island being blown up and all.

And the lead-in to that was kind of lame – Kate and Juliette and Sawyer trying to stop Jack – but at least it gave us that awesome Sawyer-Jack fight scene.  You knew Sawyer would win.

But Jack’s only doing it because he wants another shot at Kate?  And Sawyer seemed to prefer her over Juliette as well.  Why?  What’s so great about Kate?  I don’t get it.  I’d take Juliette any day.


And, the worst part is, Lost isn’t like those “other” TV shows, so it’s not a 4-month wait to see it in September, but an 8-month wait when it comes back in January, 2010.   8 months!  You could practically concieve a baby before that shit will be back on the air.  Guess there’s a lot to think about in the meantime.

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3 responses to “What’s So Great About Kate? (and other thoughts on Lost)

  1. pamela

    it takes less than a minute to CONCEIVE a baby, it takes 9 months to incubate one, just so you know 😛

  2. I takes those who are good more than a minute 🙂

  3. Jfay

    Kate is better because shes hotter and “bad” which makes her sexier. Id take juliet any day, but id rather have kate

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