I HATE the Amazing Race


First of all, if you’re going to have like HALF the season take place in CHINA, it’s not fair to have a team that can speak CHINESE.  And even with this ridiculously unfair advantage, they had the balls to U-Turn another team.  Tammy and Victor, I hate you.

Secondly, I am sick to death of the deaf kid.  He is an annoying brat, and his mom isn’t much better.  Margie and Luke, I hate you too.

Thirdly, the African-American girls, Kisha and Jen.  They were basically out because one of them was afraid of water, but then they MIRACULOUSLY pulled through, then pulled through the U-Turn, only to be eliminated because the girl had to take a pee break?  Are you freaking nuts???


It’s for a MILLION DOLLARS.  Pee your pants!  You just humiliated yourself before millions because you were too afraid to get into a swimming pool.  You just swallowed fried scorpion and starfish.  But you couldn’t hold in your urine for a few extra minutes?  Or, God forbid, pee yourself underneath those huge opera robes you were wearing?  You DESERVE to be eliminated.

So now, the third team in the top three is the stupid, bitchy, insensitive redheads, Jaime and Cara, who make all Americans look like monsters.  Awesome.

Amazing Race, you’re on my shit list.

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5 responses to “I HATE the Amazing Race

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  2. winston

    Well I guess if it were up to you and show would be BORING!!!!! U-Turns are there and are meant to be used! Don’t tell me if you were on TAR you would choose not to U-Turn a team that you felt was a threat and could come between you and a million dollars. Are you on drugs or something??? Get a life. And honestly no one cares if you hate the teams or TAR. =P

    • russjosephs

      First off…TAR? Wow! Cool lingo dude!

      Secondly…My point is that the show WAS boring because they had a team that could speak Chinese combined with several episodes IN China. This made it less challenging for them, which equals BORING. Duh! Are you on drugs or something??? 🙂

      Finally…YOU obviously care what I think. Otherwise, why would you take the time to write a comment? Maybe you should, I don’t know…get a life? 😉

  3. heydeafkid

    I watched that U-Turn episode, and had that same exact thought:

    “Wait… So, the advantageous team is using a weapon while they are in the land of their advantage…?

    That’s like Jet Li using brass knuckles on an infant.”



    That deaf kid is giving the wrong impression on how Deaf people act, and all kids, for that matter.

    I assume producers wanted him on the show because he’s deaf, but you lose that ratings-getter if said deaf person is a regular annoying person just like anyone else.


    Who PEES in the middle of a –>RACE<– ???!?!?!

    Like they never would’ve had time AFTER reaching their destination.


    Those two chicks are kinda hot, though.

    Wouldn’t mind them staying, not gonna lie.

    They’re funny to watch, in an America’s Funniest Home Videos kind of way.

    Or an episode of Cops.


    Great post!

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