Let’s Talk About Social Networks

Now, you may have heard that Social Networks are more popular than porn:
Social networking websites more popular than porn, says study

And that Social Networks are more popular than e-mail:
Social Networking Now More Popular Than Email, Report Finds

But did you know that Social Networks are more popular than God?


It’s true!

While a Google search for “God” yields an impressive 60 million hits, a search for “social media” generates 120 million. Surely, anything that beats both God and porn is a force to be reckoned with.

However, I think it’s too soon for the alarm bells to sound. I’ll only start panicking when social networks trump sex itself. When that happens, when people start posting status updates or links to dumb quizzes instead of having actual intercourse, it will be time to freak out.

Then again, maybe that’s exactly what needs to happen? Facebook is pretty much dominated by parents posting baby pics and baby stories and the like. Maybe the only way this will stop is if social networks do become more popular than sex, so people stop having it, then stop having babies, and, most importantly, stop posting stupid baby pictures?


Might actually be worth it.


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3 responses to “Let’s Talk About Social Networks

  1. sitonmyfacebook


  2. Did some of my own research to add to your observations.

    Other things social media is more popular than:
    Paris Hilton (88 million results)
    McDonalds (21 million results)
    Oprah (22 million results)
    Reality TV (62 million results)

    Things social media is less popular than:
    Movies (943 million results)
    Food (895 million results)
    Philosophy (234 million results)
    and finally…
    Money (1 billion results)

  3. russjosephs

    Thanks! So there is still hope.

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