Did you see it? Did you like it? No? Are you retarded? Seriously, you didn’t? I mean, why? Cause you’re some socially inept uber-nerd who didn’t like some of the – albeit slight – changes they made to the original? Or because you’re a typical action-film-fan and found the whole thing too confusing and cerebral? Or maybe because you were on a date with one of the above, and were dismayed that there weren’t more big blue penis shots?


Whatever the reason, for shame, for shame! Watchmen was long, yeah, but so was Lawrence of Arabia. Hell, so was Titantic, and you ate that shit up. But when have you seen such spectacle, such layers of story, character and plot, especially within the context of a superhero flick? And please, don’t mention the Dark Knight, which was essentially a linear, back-to-basics bad guy versus good guy action film. This was LEAGUES beyond that. This was a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT. And, oh yeah – the fights KICKED ASS. I loved this film. And you should too. Don’t hate on something so good. Hate on the Jonas Brothers in 3-D for fucks sake, but not this.


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2 responses to “Watchmen

  1. poogirl

    Was the big blue penis uncircumcised?

  2. russjosephs

    Don’t believe it was. 😉

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