Jen Corby and hubbie, American Idol

Were they on earlier? Was there any mention of a married couple on the show? Where was I?

UPDATE: Her name is Jenn Korbee. Also goes by Jennifer Peterson-Hind. She is a country singer and on a children’s show called Hi-5. Here is her website.



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3 responses to “Jen Corby and hubbie, American Idol

  1. shaneene

    No. there was no mention of Jenn and her hubby before. Such a shame. She is awesome!!! She looked great at hollywood week, from the brief clip they showed.. They should have kept her. Do you know she is on a kids show called HI-5? You can watch it during the week on discovery kids. She is so cute and fresh on the show. She also has a pretty decent county album as well.

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