Alas, my grand movie-watching marathon was not to be.  I had it mapped out perfectly:

Revolutionary Road, 4:15
Defiance, 6:45
The Wrestler, 9:45

I arrived at the theater a few minutes after 4:00, with four F&B veggie dogs and a bottle of water in tow.

At first, all was well.  Saw Revolutionary Road, ticket in hand, without a problem.  First half of the film was like a brilliant Mad Men episode, but the second half escalated into a Lifetime Network mini-drama on crack.  Dark shit.


The kids are all grown up

The kids are all grown up

Movie finished at about 6:30, and after a bathroom break defiantly walked into Defiance.  No issues whatsoever.  Found myself actually really enjoying it, despite some of the reviews, and despite the fact that Daniel Craig is about as Jewish as a pint of Guinness.  And the theater was all old New York Jews, so you gotta love it.

After the film let out I had one veggie dog left, and plenty of time to make it to the 9:45 screening of The Wrestler, which was the movie I really wanted to see in the first place.  But I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I went up and down the three floors countless times, and it was nowhere  to be found.  Finally, I located the theater where the earlier showing was, but they were setting up for a special screening of The Poseidon Adventure.  Who in their right mind would want to see that?

All grossed up

All grossed up

I flagged down someone who worked there asked if there was a 9:45 showing of The Wrestler.

“Yup,” she said.  “Sure is.”

“Mind telling me where it is?” I asked.

“Where’s your ticket stub?” she said.  “It’s written on it.”

I did the a quick mock-search for it.  “Must have lost it,” I said.

“Don’t know what to tell you then,” she said.  “You can always talk to a manager.”

Then she left.  Wasn’t sure if she was on to me or just didn’t give a shit about helping me, but I was sure as hell not going to talk to a manager.  Instead, I called the theater, to see if they’d tell me where it was playing, but they wouldn’t.  They did tell me, however, that there was definitely a 9:45 screening.  But where was it?  After another search I still couldn’t find it.

I considered waiting for the 11:00, but had already been in the theater for a good six hours, and was ready to go home.  So I aborted the plan.  Might do a Wrestler/Milk double feature tonight, which would pretty much take care of every film on my list.  Who’s with me?


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3 responses to “Foiled

  1. Brooklynite

    Sounds like a plan.

  2. andria alefhi

    You know, Mr. Josephs, I want to quit you like the hard drugs that you are. You’re cocky and arrive to my readings late, then choose reading material that actually make the whole first row uncomfortable what with the zings on goths. Then I read your blog and “and despite the fact that Daniel Craig is about as Jewish as a pint of Guinness.” and I can’t quit reading more. You are crack cocaine.

    Please write again for WNHP and maybe you want to interview me. I have never been interviewed.

  3. russjosephs

    Thanks for the kind words. Interview sounds good. Next piece will not be about goths. Thinking about doing something on gender studies and feminism, kind of how the whole thing is ridiculous and a huge waste of time. Sure it will go over well.

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