Hey, so I had a reading the other day at Bluestockings (thanks for coming), for my story, Oh My Goth!, which appeared in Volume 3 of We’ll Never Have Paris.


It went well, but it was also kind of weird because the piece was about my first roommate in New York, this crazy-evil goth girl with hairy legs and shaved eyebrows, who treated the apartment like it was a prison and she was the warden.  So a lot of the time I was just kind of ranking on her, even though it was TOTALLY JUSTIFIED because she was absolutely HORRIBLE to me.  In fact, she got off easy I think.

Bluestockings is this feminist bookstore – which is awesome – but some of the crowd didn’t react too favorably to parts of the piece.  Mind you, this was just a few people.  And there were no boos or shouts, just a few tssk tssks, like the sound you’d make when you’re on the subway and someone takes your seat.  Or you’re in a movie and someone is talking.  Unless you’re like my friend Sam, who in both cases would be like: “Hey!  What do you think you’re doing???”

However, the overwhelming majority loved it.  In fact, they were practically tossing me flowers and money and bras.  But for those who weren’t that into it, or were even offended, I want to apologize.  Sorry!

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